Thursday, December 15, 2011

mitch + chelsie

This is sadly our last session of the year. I am pumped because it was such a fun way to end the year! We are leaving for Europe in just a few days to visit my brother, Luke, who lives over there and when we get home it will be 2012. What the heck, why haven't they invented flying cars yet..?
I am SO thankful for all of the clients that God has brought to us.  Thank you everyone for blessing our lives so much with yours...Seriously..... THANK YOU!!!!! I love u all!!!!!!! Our job rules!!!!!!!!


Mitch and Chelsie are so RAD!!!! We love them because they have such cool personalities and they are so kind and welcoming. This is the second time hanging out with them. We had wine and dinner back a few weeks ago and we were able to really get to know these two. Chelsie loves adventure and spontaneity (which I relate to a lot).  Mitch is such a gentleman and loves to have fun. They were rad too because they wanted to try something new and do an Engagement session that was totally THEM. They have an amazing puppy, Dexter who they LOVE. They wanted him to be a part of their photos because he is their baby (we almost stole him ;). They took us all around Long Beach and showed us the chill spots. We went to the docks and strolled along the boardwalk. They also took us to the most adorable Christmas tree farm, which was such a great idea!!! I love stuff like this, something new, something that shows personality! I love when our clients take us into their lives and stories and we are so honored to be able to share that with them... here are a few that I personally love. xo enjoy! and.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

I guess Mitch was allergic to Christmas...

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